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9 Times Summer by Mint

In summer, we crave lightness and weightlessness. It's a time when we want to break away from the mundane and the black hues in our wardrobe. Bright or soft shades - it's all individual and mood-dependent, but the key is to add color, positive emotions, romance, and freshness.

In summer, we desire to be closer to nature because that's where we feel more freedom, allowing ourselves to breathe deeply and break free from the routines of daily life and worries.

The new Mint collection is all about delicacy, ease, and carefree summer days. Vibrant and pastel silk shades blend harmoniously into a perfect color palette - the base for the summer season. Floral prints, exposed shoulders, and tenderly alluring necklines are all part of the "9 times summer" collection.

The collection features ensembles in 9 colors that blend beautifully together: free-flowing and lightweight dresses, a crop top with a high-slit skirt, a short dress with a floral print, and the brand's bestseller - a silk suit in new shades.

Fashion Production: @n1buro


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