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Angel in Human Form

People often look at famous people, at what is fashionable and popular. Meanwhile, they do not see what surrounds them and how amazing people they have in their lives. We all know that social media does not show reality. So why are we inspired by someone we don't really know? By someone who shows us himself only from this "best ” side and presents only selected, idealized parts of life. If we think about it a little longer, we will come to the conclusion that perhaps authentic, unique inspirations are really right under our noses. We often underestimate the people we have around, who care about us and support us in difficult times. I think that they should get recognition from us, because they are like angels in human form. Hence the idea for creations in white was born. It symbolizes innocence, purity, goodness and peace. And these are the features of these people. Their love is unconditional and immaculate. 

Before I created the stylizations, I watched a lot of different paintings and sculptures depicting angels. It allowed me to see some repetitive similarities in clothing. They were lightness and airiness of materials in various shades of white. Looking for the right pieces of clothing, I noticed how they feel. I wanted them to be delicate and soft. I wanted everyone looking at these stylisations to feel their comfort and convenience. All clothing items are special to me because I bought them in the second hand and gave them a new life. This is important to me because if I can, I do not contribute to overproduction of clothes and do not support fast fashion. I chose white, modest ballerinas for the whole, which thanks to their minimalism show the simplicity and comfort that I cared about. I really wanted to use white feathers for this project, because they are interpreted as a symbol of lightness, freedom and even the angel himself. This is how decorative shoulder straps were created, which "winged ” one of the stylizations. I made them myself, which makes them special. However, to slightly "ground ” this editorial, I used the right background, which of course was a fragment of the sky, but with the addition of a visible horizon. After all, angels in human form are people who live among us, so they walk on the ground.

I wanted this project to have a deeper message that would make recipients reflect. Perhaps I can direct my attention to what is really important in life, i.e. people who are worth thanking for just being there. It is thanks to such "angels ” that the idea for the entire editorial appeared in my head. It was born out of pure gratitude and inspires me to continue working.

Stylist & MUA & Access & Hair:

Photo & Retoucher: @weroniqad_photo

Model: @olaborcz

Via @officialkavyar


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